Prudent Policy Review


You should have an expert review your life insurance every two to five years. Changes in economic factors, especially interest rates, affect how existing policies perform and how insurance carriers design and price their new products.

First, we ask some questions:

  • Why do you continue to own this policy?
  • How does it serve your financial plan?
  • Is the amount of death benefit appropriate?
  • Is the premium funding level adequate?
  • Is it affordable?

Sometimes, a new policy makes sense if it offers:

  • More Death Benefit
  • Lower Premiums
  • Better Guarantees / Less Risk
  • Better Underwriting Offer
  • Financially Stronger Carrier

If not, how can we optimize funding for cash accumulation or maximum death benefit?

  • Is it funded adequately to last beyond life expectancy?
  • If there is a policy loan, should it be repaid?
  • Is there flexibility to lower or stop paying premiums?
  • Can the death benefit be lowered to make premiums affordable?
  • If variable, do the separate accounts need to be re-allocated?
  • Is it owned properly? Are the beneficiaries correct?

The initial review is always without obligation. If remedial action or active management is called for, we always quote a flat fee, in advance.

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