Be Sure Assessment


You may have already done significant tax, estate and financial planning. However, you may not fully understand how all of the components fit together and how each entity (trust, partnership, LLC, etc.) should be administered. This may result in exposure to additional current and future taxes, some of which may be assessed during an estate tax audit. We will document potential issues with existing plan components and identify opportunities to improve on the design. The process starts by creating a prioritized list of your goals and objectives for your tax, estate, and financial plan

The assessment includes creating and/or a review of the following components:

  • Prepare a balance sheet of your controlled assets
  • Prepare an easy to understand summary of your estate planning documents
  • Prepare an easy to understand summary of the stock transfer provisions of your operating entities (to make sure they integrate with your estate planning documents)
  • Prepare a graphic overview and flowchart of your estate plan
  • Prepare a Wealthy and Wise™ software model of your overall tax, estate and financial plan that includes:

    o Your current net worth
    o A projection of the growth of your net worth into the future
    o A model of both desired cash flow (lifestyle expenses) and expected cash flow (income)
    o An estimated exposure to income, capital gains, and gift & estate taxes
    o A model of your investment accounts – how much you plan to contribute and how they will grow under various assumptions
    o A summary of projected wealth transfer, year by year

  • Organize and summarize existing life insurance to ensure that ownership and beneficiary designations are properly integrated with your business documents as well as your personal financial and estate plans.
  • Review investment portfolio and prepare a summary of fees, performance and allocation between asset classes. Offer suggestions to reduce costs, improve performance potential and/or enhance diversification.
  • Assess the overall asset makeup of your net worth and estate. Summarize holdings by type and by title holder, paying attention to asset protection and making sure the allocations of your net worth integrate with your financial and estate plans.

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